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Estimated safety rating


bcmwltry.exe is a application which is most likely NOT a virus or malware. So, if bcmwltry.exe is on your PC, it is most likely ok, and will NOT be a cause for concern. Even if your system is clean, it is still recommended to run a good antivirus with a good track record, in order to defend your PC against viruses and malware.

Executable file path

 C:\Program Files\Broadcom\Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter\BCMWLTRY.EXE

Usually, this application is stored in C:\Program Files\Broadcom\Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter\BCMWLTRY.EXE.

MD5 hash of the executable file


The MD5 fingerprint for this executable is e65129dd403e21baa3c06319159aff2b.

Is running as a service


This program is NOT registered as a Windows service. This is good.

Is a 64 bit executable file


This is a 64-bit executable. It uses the full capacity of modern computer processors.

File description

 Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter Wireless Network Controller

The description extracted from the program is Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter Wireless Network Controller.

File version

File version extracted from the file


 Broadcom Corporation

Producer Broadcom Corporation.


 1998-2010, Broadcom Corporation All Rights Reserved.

Copyright notice 1998-2010, Broadcom Corporation All Rights Reserved..

Potentially dangerous functions


Some unusual features of the Operating System appear to be used, such as functions for intercepting the keyboard. We recommend you to read more about this program.

Digitally signed


A digital signature is missing from this program. The maker did not bother to sign it. This is usually bad.

Can be uninstalled


It has an uninstall string in registry, which is a good sign. si are uninstall.