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Program info

Estimated safety rating


csrss.exe may be a dangerous application, according to heuristic analysis. This program triggers many of the "possible danger" flags described in this document. It is not yet known if csrss.exe is a virus or not that doesn't harm the computer. Please be careful with this program.

Executable file path


This application is normally stored in C:\Windows\System32\csrss.exe.

MD5 hash of the executable file


The MD5 checksum for this file is 57cecc63cc0b6adbd9e0111c38f6cccc.

Is running as a service


This application does NOT operate as a Windows service. This is normally a good sign.

Belongs to the operating system


csrss.exe seems to have something to do with Windows SFC (System File Checker) or Windows File Protection.

Is a 64 bit executable file


This is a 64-bit executable. It runs using the full capacity of nowadays' computer processors.

Digitally signed


csrss.exe is digitally signed. Today most legit programs are digitally signed.

Valid digital signature


The digital signature is invalid, which indicates this app may be malware and that someone probably modified it after the signature was generated. Please be very careful regarding this!

Certifier name

 Microsoft Windows Publisher

Digital certificate name: Microsoft Windows Publisher

Issuer name

 Microsoft Development PCA 2014

Certificate's issuer name: Microsoft Development PCA 2014

Can be uninstalled


This executable does NOT have an uninstall command set up in registry.