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Program info

Estimated safety rating


iobitliveupdate.exe may be a dangerous application, according to heuristic analysis. It triggers too many of the "probable danger" flags described bellow. It is yet unknown if iobitliveupdate.exe is a virus or an ok program that doesn't harm the PC. Please be careful with this program.

Executable file path

 C:\Program Files\IObit\IObit Uninstaller\IObitLiveUpdate.exe

Usually, this application is stored in C:\Program Files\IObit\IObit Uninstaller\IObitLiveUpdate.exe.

MD5 hash of the executable file


The MD5 checksum for this program is d5967e799b764ed62a3fec66b9fbde0c.

Is running as a service


This program is NOT registered as a Windows service. This is very good.

Is a 32 bit executable file


This app runs in 32-bit mode. It does not benefit of the full power of nowadays' PC processors. This is quite normal because the publishers did not upgrade it to 64-bit code.

Has valid windows


This exe does NOT have visible windows. This is most likely a bad sign.

Digitally signed


A digital certificate is missing from this program. The authors did not bother to sign it. This is probably bad.

Can be uninstalled


This program does NOT have a removal routine stored in registry.