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Program info

Estimated safety rating


setup.exe is a program which is probably NOT a virus or malware. So, if setup.exe is on your computer, it is probably ok, and will NOT be a cause for concern. Even if your system is clean, it is still recommended to run a well-known antivirus with a good track record, in order to defend yourself against viruses and malware.

Executable file path


Normally, this application is located in C:\2fefb8b402d21515db98dcb752f19f84\Setup.exe.

MD5 hash of the executable file


The MD5 fingerprint for this executable is f234430eb91bf40de283fe40eafdebc9.

Is running as a service


This application does NOT run as a Windows service. This is normally a good sign.

Is a 32 bit executable file


This application runs in 32-bit mode. It does not benefit of the full set of features of current computer CPUs. This ordinarily happens because the publishers did not bother to upgrade it to 64-bit code.

File description

 Setup Installer

The description extracted from the exe is Setup Installer.

File version

 12.0.51720.34280 built by: FX452RTMGDR

File version 12.0.51720.34280 built by: FX452RTMGDR.


 Microsoft Corporation

Company Microsoft Corporation.


 © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Legal copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved..

Has valid windows


This program does NOT have visible elements of user interface. This is usually a bad thing.

Digitally signed


setup.exe has a digital signature. Nowadays most serious software applications are digitally signed.

Valid digital signature


The digital signature attached to setup.exe checks out perfectly. This is most likely a clean, ok program.

Certifier name

 Microsoft Corporation

Digitally signed by: Microsoft Corporation

Issuer name

 Microsoft Code Signing PCA

Certificate's issuer name: Microsoft Code Signing PCA

Can be uninstalled


This program does NOT have an uninstall routine stored in registry.