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Program info

Estimated safety rating


sursvc.exe is a program which is most likely NOT a virus. So, if sursvc.exe is on your PC, it is most likely ok, and will NOT be a cause for concern. Even if your PC is virus-free, it is still recommended to use a good antivirus with a good track record, in order to yourself your system against threats.

Executable file path

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Driver Update Utility\SUR\SurSvc.exe

Normally, this application is found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Driver Update Utility\SUR\SurSvc.exe.

MD5 hash of the executable file


The MD5 checksum for this executable is ec38ca61de99600f6065cf418ab71cb9.

Is running as a service


This program is registered as a Windows service. This means it operates on your PC in background, usually without displaying any user interface to you. Most Windows services are ok programs, which provide useful features to other programs or to Windows in general.

Is a 32 bit executable file


This program runs as a 32-bit program. It does not use the full power of modern PC chips. This ordinarily happens because the makers did not bother to upgrade it to use the x64 instruction set.

File description

 Intel(R) System Usage Report

The description extracted from the program is Intel(R) System Usage Report.


 Copyright (C) 2016 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Legal copyright Copyright (C) 2016 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved..

Digitally signed


sursvc.exe has a digital signature. Nowadays the large majority of serious software applications are digitally signed.

Valid digital signature


The digital signature found in sursvc.exe is valid. This is excellent.

Certifier name

 Intel(R) Software Development Products

Digital certificate name: Intel(R) Software Development Products

Issuer name

 Intel External Basic Issuing CA 3B

Certificate's issuer name: Intel External Basic Issuing CA 3B

Can be uninstalled


This executable does NOT have a removal routine set up in registry.